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Daniel King

Founder and Director

“We understand the importance of establishing an open and honest relationship with our clients” 

Daniel King is the founder and director of KingCorp Developments. Early on in Daniel’s career, he worked as an advertising account manager for some of the leading media companies in Australia, including Australian Provincial News, APN & RG Capital Radio Network. 


During this time, Daniel was responsible for the design and development of marketing strategies that resulted in the expansion and growth of numerous businesses and companies. 


Daniel purchased his first investment property at the early age of 19. Since this time he has personally been involved in a number of different property development projects. Ranging from small residential constructions, right through to multi-unit development projects.

Daniel has extensive experience in planning and development, relationship management, financial operations, logistics coordination and project cost scheduling.

He is passionate about building open and honest relationships with his clients.

Daniel’s 21 years of property experience combined with his unique business insight and honest approach will guarantee your project is intelligently designed with the correct demographic and market demand in mind. 

Lisa joins KingCorp Developments from a successful career in the Australian Fashion Industry, spending the past 12 years as the designer of a leading Australian fashion label.


She brings a unique and refreshing perspective with regard to design, shape, colour and form to our industry. 


With fine attention to detail, she believes that quality, considered design and spaces are to be at the forefront of any project. 


She is not only experienced in working with large teams and running a design department but also in the inner workings of business management; from costing and budgeting, brand communication, project management, supplier and client relations through to business administration.  

A property investor herself, Lisa has experience in property transactions and renovation coordination. Understanding how to clearly communicate property design briefs and work together with other designers and trades has provided her first-hand insight into how attention to detail can add value without over-capitalising. 


Her honest, calm and approachable nature means she connects well with people, naturally building close working relationships with her clients and suppliers. 

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Lisa Reynolds


Design and Communications Manager

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