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Founded in 2007, KingCorp is a visionary real estate development and investment firm specialising in distinct, architecturally designed residences.


Our projects are diverse in nature, both in terms of scale and design, from exclusive residential homes right through to large multi-unit developments complexes.


KingCorp leverages our own knowledge and the expertise of our affiliated companies to accomplish the successful delivery of each project. We are known as a company that delivers projects on time, within budget, and excels at maximising the returns for our clients through a unique integrated approach.


With projects in Melbourne City, Northern New South Wales and Metro Brisbane, our common development philosophy is based on intelligent design and attention to the finest detail.


Our company's experience and understanding of the development industry have placed us at the forefront of our field, whether it is identifying sites, structuring acquisitions, architecture and design, or project management.



KingCorp operates as both a developer and project manager, ensuring we have a strategic level of advantage and control over our projects. The business takes pride in its ability to realise development opportunities in advance of the typical marketplace and pursue innovations in architecture, design and construction.


The latest up and coming neighbourhoods and target demographics are continually researched and identified in advance.


The organisation then collaborates with leading architects, designers, and builders to realise superior developments that are individually optimised for the market therein. This intimate approach to development and design produces a remarkably refined product, which consistently outperforms the results of the competition.


Our integrated approach and attention to detail mean we are uniquely positioned to deliver projects that exceed the expectations of our clients, investors, and partners.

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Our Values

Our company principles and corporate values define how KingCorp operates. Our principles are at the core of our business model and enable us to fulfil a promise to our clients. Our management team is committed to showing leadership and bearing responsibility for creating, implementing and maintaining our company values.


As we continue to grow, we will never lose sight of what’s most important - Reliability & Trust. We treat our clients with honesty and respect and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards. We are committed to keeping our promises and delivering on our word.


We believe that integrity, combined with the disciplined management of risk, form the foundation of our business. This means we grow our business in a way that makes us proud.


In selecting team members and affiliate's, we place a high level of importance on integrity because we believe those who possess integrity will attract and inspire others with similar values. When faced with complex decisions and difficult choices, we do what's moral, just, and right.


At KingCorp, we take responsibility for our words, our actions, and our results. By measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and financial responsibility, we hold ourselves accountable for all outcomes, whether good or otherwise. We don't pass the buck.


When it comes to property development, we believe that quality is not a luxury. What we do, we do well. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality standards in everything we do.


KingCorp maintains a formal quality management plan that incorporates our clients' needs and instils high standards across the organisation. Through regularly monitoring our performance, we can respond quickly to any deficiencies and ensure continuous improvement over time.


Transparency is an integral part of our company culture. We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients and stakeholders with unwavering candour, honesty and respect.


We further undertake to ensure that regular communication and transparent engagement is maintained throughout the entire development program and beyond.


Through commitment in heart and mind, we will never complain or quit when things don't go our way. Instead, we look beyond the present challenges and find a way to deliver future value.


We focus on innovative ways to eliminate obstacles, generate creative solutions, and raise the bar within our workplace and throughout the development industry.

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KingCorp supports sustainable and safe methods of construction that minimise adverse environmental outcomes and maintain a productive and healthy  environment.


We support the purchase of products with low embodied energy, are durable, and have travelled short distances, where possible. In addition, we promote sustainable use of resources, maximise resource recovery through reuse and recycling, and investigate opportunities to improve and expand our recycling procedures.


We support the purchase of products where the manufacturer or supplier takes back or recycles the products at the end of their useful life cycle, otherwise known as product stewardship. We also ensure that any item disposed of is carefully handled according to environmental best practice.


Stewardship means the responsible and professional management of property assets entrusted to our care, which forms an integral part of our financial responsibility to our clients and their beneficiaries.


As active investors ourselves, we understand that good stewardship is essential to preserving and enhancing asset value. Our stewardship activities include property management, maintenance, monitoring and engagement on strategy, performance and risk. Our stewardship policy is closely aligned with our investment policy, which uses research-based, quality-driven processes to produce high yielding returns for our clients.


Where we are making direct investments in real estate, we are committed to stewardship of those assets, and the management of the properties that we acquire on behalf of our clients. In our Stewardship activities, we always strive to serve our clients’ best interests with the highest level of service of which we are capable.

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